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Complete wheels

Complete wheels
14x1PU linearPlastic 3 spoke
25x1PU linearPlastic 3 spoke
36x11/4PU slickPlastic 3 spoke
47x11/4PU linearPlastic 3 spoke
58x11/4PU linearPlastic 3 spoke
68x2PU linearPlastic 3 hollow spoke
78x2PU linearRibbed
812.5x21/4PU linear MV165 hollow spoke
912.5x21/4PU blocks MV155 hollow spoke
1012.5x21/4PU linear MV175 hollow spoke
112.8/2.5-4Rubber C179 filledAl
123.00-4Rubber C179 pneuAl
133.00-4Rubber C179 filledAl
144.1/3.50-6Rubber C 168 pneuAl
154.1/3.50-6Rubber C 168
filled PUR
163.00-8Rubber C248 pneuAl
173.00-8Rubber C248 filledAl
1812.5x21/4Rubber C628 pneuAl
1912.5x21/4Rubber C628 filledAl
2024''PU tyre 4 patterns or pneu tyreAl + handrim
Nab Fe
2122''PU tyre or pneu tyreAl + handrim
Nab Fe
2220''PU tyre or pneu tyreAl + handrim
Nab Fe

Our wheels are useful and have good references especially for extra heavy people.

Spare parts
Axle Quickfix axle tempered grinded stainless
Note: We deliver other domensions of wheels or other spare parts for mechanical wheelchairs (forks,armrests,...) upon request
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tel.: 00421 32 7719077, fax.:00421 32 7719078
e-mail: europur[at]@europur.sk, web: http://www.europur.sk
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