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Chemical nickel coating

We offer free capacity on line of chemical nickel coating of steel:
-> thickness of layer from 5 - 100 um
-> max. size of parts are 1500x1000x500
-> hardening of the layer in furnace up to 1000 HV according to demand.
-> From January we will provide stroger crane for lifting steel parts for this process( weight 600kg/part ).

if you have interest for chemical nickel, please inform us by email or phone:

Since august 2013 our company offers chemical nickel plating of steel parts. As you can see on pictures on left side and below. All parts have more likely silver color. The exact color shade may be affected by material of steel parts.

The services are provided under quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008.

The modern industrial half-automated line. As parts comes into process, first they are degreasing in special bath, then they are cleaned in water bath. As part is cleaned and ready, the main process takes place in nickel bath untill it reaches required layer thickness.

Maximum dimensions of parts: 1300x1000x500 mm

Technical details

  Chemical nickel coating
Layer thickness 10-100 µm
Color By type of base material - dark gray, bronze, brown, green silver
Hardness 370-1000HV
Specification by standards ISO 10074
STN EN 2576
MILA 8625F
DIN EN 2284
STN EN 12373-1
MILA 8625F

Mainly used to obtain

  • resistance to wear trough abrasion or erosion
  • electrical insulation
  • thermal insulation
  • build-up (to repair special part out of tolerance)
  • resistance to korrosion (where is sealed)
  • In industry: highly intricate parts such as pistons, anti-lock brake assemblies, pump components, valves, sliding parts, insulation plates and transmission parts.
  • Retail applications: cookware, bike rims, locks and levels, binoculars, ...
  • Steel parts, where is requested good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, united appearance and great thickness and strength.

    EUROPUR spol s.r.o Kočovská cesta 14
    SK-915 01 Nové Mesto nad Váhom, SLOVAK REPUBLIC
    tel.: 00421 32 7719077, fax.:00421 32 7719078
    e-mail: europur[at]@europur.sk, web: http://www.europur.sk
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